Canvas Side Panels Ilkley Yorkshire

Canvas Side Panels Ilkley Yorkshire

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Shade sails, also called shade cloths, are not only useful for converting a patio for baking into a relaxation spot, but they are also very useful for providing shade over a swimming pool, a playground, or even to create a simple DIY carport. 

Some Canvas Side Panels Ilkley Yorkshire are however what we refer to as ‘shadier’ than others. And usually not in the most beneficial ways. Want to know how to get the best shade sails? Read on.

You have to Plan Properly

You are definitely not going to buy a shade sail so it can be stored away, you want to utilize it and get the utmost benefit. To achieve this, you need to first plan ahead. 

The sun is not stagnant, it moves as the day progresses into the evenings, and shade moves with it. Therefore, to gain effective coverage, the sail needs to create a shade that falls in the right place at the right time. It should also be the perfect size so it can prevent the penetration of both direct and indirect ultraviolet rays.

To achieve this, look at the area you want to cover with the Canvas Side Panels Ilkley Yorkshire and think about what you would really want. Do you want a little protection from the sun, a place to rest at noon, or a playground that should be covered all day? Also, you need to consider if there are any reflective surfaces or bodies nearby such as glass or concrete paving that can reflect ultraviolet rays into the shade.

You would also need to evaluate the time of the day you would be utilizing the space and how it might vary according to the seasons as they come. A very cool spot in summer might not be too good for the winter or spring.

Determine The Shape You Want

The type of shade sail you want is highly dependent on the area you want to cover. There are majorly three types;

  • Rectangular shape

If you want to cover a large area, a rectangular-shaped sail is best for you. It will help in casting a larger and longer shade, however it requires four anchor points. If you are also looking to hang your shade sail at a specific angle so that the sail can cast shade on an existing deck, then the rectangular-shaped sail is best for you. This is because the rectangular shape casts a longer shade and can block the sun to a very large extent.

  • Triangular Shape

Triangular-shaped Canvas Side Panels Ilkley Yorkshire are very wonderful for small areas. This shape gives you a versatile option by allowing you to angle the shape of the sail in such a way that a rectangle or square sail would not permit. This requires only three anchor points and is very great for yards that do not have lots of permanent structures that sails can be attached to. 

If you need a triangular-shaped sail to cover a large area, overlap and layer one rectangular sail over another. This can also add beauty to the shaded area if you opt for different colours that match each other, and create a fun point in your yard.

  • Square Shaped

Square shaped sails are wonderful for covering both small and large areas. They are best for square-shaped patios or for making shaded areas for sandboxes, tables, and other outdoor activity spaces. The square Canvas Side Panels Ilkley Yorkshire also requires four anchor points that pull strongly apart to keep the tension in the sail so it doesn’t fall in the middle.